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Problem-Free Psychotherapy! Incorporating Solution-Focused Therapy Into Your Clinical Practice

Hours: 3
Price: $36.00

Okay, so the title of this course is clearly misleading. Psychotherapy always assumes there are problems that clients are bringing into session that they are seeking to minimize, resolve, or otherwise manage. However, the postmodern theory and technique of Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) was born of the realization that by focusing exclusively on "the problem" or problem talk, clients and therapists miss a great deal of opportunity to affect positive change. In fact, therapists often end up getting just as stuck as their clients have been. SFT is optimistic, focuses on clients' strengths and successes, and oriented toward the future. It allows clients to be the heroes of therapy and their lives, a position we believe they deserve to hold, without adopting a Pollyanna view of the world and it's inevitable tribulations. It also tends to be brief, which is of practical benefit to clinicians who seek to make themselves more attractive to insurance and employee assistance program provider panels.

All Ethics CEU courses should be this helpful and practical!