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Building Your Private Practice: A Legal and Ethical Guide to Success

Hours: 4
Price: $36.00

Most psychotherapists at some point in time consider private practice as a tempting option for living out their vocation. But it is also a scary and uncertain proposition. It may seem obvious to the practitioner that consultation with an attorney and/or accountant will be advisable in moving toward starting a business such as a private practice. However, less obvious are what questions to ask potential attorneys and accountants, or how should one go about finding the right attorney and accountant in the first place? This program is not only a synthesis of the anecdotal and systematically surveyed research on what has made for successful clinical practices nationwide, it is also heavily influenced by the author's own success in developing a thriving clinical practice in one of the poorest regions of South Texas with a great deal of "competition" for services.

All Ethics CEU courses should be this helpful and practical!