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Boundaries: The Definitive Clinical Problem

Hours: 3
Price: $36.00

Ever have clients who are overly sensitive to criticism? Or clients who cancel their appointments on you a couple of hours before they are scheduled, and then get upset when you try to charge them or confront them about it? Or clients who are "people pleasers" and don't stand up for themselves until they get uncontrollably resentful? Are you thinking that there should be a word stronger than "yes" to answer these questions? All of these types of clients, and we would argue, all others, have suffered from boundary violations early in their lives, and continue to struggle with boundaries as a result. So have therapists. So it is essential that therapists are cognizant of and vigilant about their own boundaries and the boundaries of their clients in order to participate in true healing relationships. This is essentially what this valuable program offers.

All Ethics CEU courses should be this helpful and practical!