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Emotionally Focused Therapy For Couples: An Assimilation, Outline, and Practical Application of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

Hours: 3
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What's love got to do with it? Almost everything, as it turns out. And this is made quite clear through Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which is based on clear, explicit conceptualizations of adult love as an attachment phenomenon and marital (or couple) distress as emanating from attachment injuries. These conceptualizations have received a great deal of validation from empirical research, as have the interventions that EFT outlines to help couples identify and heal attachment injuries while creating new, corrective emotional experiences that help couples essentially re-attach into a relationship that is deeply mutually satisfying while also being individually empowering. The change process and change events that reflect the theory behind EFT have been mapped into nine steps among three change events. The approach has been validated by almost 20 years of empirical research. There is also research on the change process and predictors of success. EFT has been applied to many different kinds of problems and populations, including family play therapy, but will be outlined here as it relates to the couples therapy where it was originally applied.

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