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The Uses and Abuses of Humor in Psychotherapy: Utilizing Humor Ethically & Effectively in Clinical Practice

Hours: 3
Price: $36.00

Is laughter always the best medicine? Obviously not. But it has indeed been reported as being intrinsic to the healing process for scores of individuals, and is almost always a part of the psychotherapeutic endeavor, whether intentionally or not. There certainly are times and places where attempts at humor are more harmful than helpful. But when and where? And is the therapist always the best judge of humor that is destructive, humor that is outstandingly helpful, and everything in between? Researchers have argued that the therapist is often unaware of how dangerous the intentional or even casual use of humor can be with certain clients who would never let the therapist know it. This program highlights humor that helps, defines humor that hurts, and helps the therapist recognize humor that vaguely floats between the two. It is the ethical responsibility of the therapist to be aware of how humor impacts the therapeutic session and the therapeutic relationship, and to be able to maintain as little ambiguity about attempts at humor in the clinical area as possible. This is the purpose of this program.

All Ethics CEU courses should be this helpful and practical!