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What Is Your Ethical Model? Beyond Codes, Rules, and Policies

Hours: 3
Price: $36.00

It's all well and good to have a working grasp of your professional association's code of ethics, as well as being up to date on licensing board rules regarding practice standards and variations in state laws affecting your work. However, even novice therapists soon find that ethical and legal codes are far from exhaustive, that ethical principles sometimes contradict one another, that bad results can certainly arise from "good" decisions, and that good results can sometimes result from questionable actions. When complications arise, therapists tend to go to a default system of deliberation in figuring out ethical conundrums. However, this default system is usually more unconscious than deliberate. We suggest that all therapists tend to fall into one of the following five categories as ethical decision makers: deontological ethics (or legalism), value ethics (or consequentialism), situation ethics (or ethics of love), covenantal ethics (or ethics of responsibility), and virtue ethics (or character ethics). Actually, most of us utilize a unique hybrid of two or more of these. This program assists therapists in being clear about the ethical models that they already employ, and helps them develop these models into consistent, careful and well-crafted resources to serve clients and the public in the most thoughtful manner possible.

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