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Insight Education, LLC is a trusted on-line provider of ethics and counseling CEUs. All continuing education courses are on-line with immediate certificates printed for passing, and are perfect for last minute CEUs or updated, theoretically and clinically interesting training at any time.

Board Approvals

Courses Pre-Approved by the following boards:

  • TEXAS LPC - Licensed Professional Counselors CEU Approved Provider #1301
  • TEXAS Social Work - Education Sponsor (All Social Workers) CEU Approved Provider #5710
  • TEXAS LMFT - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Board Approved CEU Provider #490

Other disciplines and state and national boards not specifically listed above may accept our Insight Education Credits based on content. Check with your Board - it's as easy as an e-mail or phone call!

A Formula That Works!
  • Easy, user-friendly internet site [+] old, irrelevant and/or boring clinical information [=] Bad Internet CEU site.
  • New, relevant, practical, interesting and immediately usable clinical information [+] cumbersome, confusing and overwhelming internet site [=] Bad Internet CEU site.
  • Easy, user-friendly Internet site [+] new, relevant, practical, interesting and immediately usable clinical information [=]
All Ethics CEU courses should be this helpful and practical!